Jessica Gonpra

Jessica Gonpra

Location: Spain

Jessica Gonpra (1988, Barcelona) currently living in Valencia.
He completed his Master of Art (faculty medal), as well as his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the
Sevilla University. Working countless times as a painting and drawing teacher
it stands out for its prompt progress; making his first exhibitions in the second year of his career on the day of
today counting with more than fifty collective exhibitions; highlighting several fairs in London and
France among them; as well as fourteen awards between prizes and honorable mentions.
His painting is characterized by his denunciation, as well as introspection, always emphasizing the
color and the search for nuances, as well as matter. Representing face in different collections
human and concrete feelings "to the cousin".
Given his academic training, as well as his prompt commissions for portraits at the age of fifteen; departed from
a base with a great desire to develop its painting without limiting the materials for it, making
most of his works with wall spatulas. What has evolved in the search for
small nuance of color, the theory of color, the psychology of color, the pictorial trace, then towards
the need for depth and a return to the gesture of the brush interspersing it in his works.


Jessica Gonpra Portfolio

Different artworks between three colections