Zaza Svan

zaza svan



Folk Art

My painting is an expression of the ancient Georgian art and culture, which began in 3rd millennia BC. Archaeologists have found many mini-sculptures, ceramic ornaments, weapons, ritual objects, etc. I have studied this era For 15 years, by researching pieces of information in museums and readings special books. In addition, I have consulted with several archaeologists and participated in excavations. I have obtained a lot of information, including findings of Georgian mythology, history of cultural songs, and traditional dance.
As an artist, I am honored to present you with folk art. I have sold many of my artworks over several years. My audience is fascinated not only with the styles of my artworks but also with the stories behind them.
In the year of 2006 in New York, I had an exhibition in Bay Ridge Public Library where I also had a workshop. During the workshop, I demonstrated how this unique pieces of art is created.