Monica Cilmi

I am a professional artist and illustrator with a Ba in Visual arts, Pg in Asian art and Ma by research in Fine art.
I have exhibited my work internationally and published few books on art and craft.



Instinctive action “Instinctive action”

Ink on paper using a hand made brush (my own hair)

Speed “Speed”

Ink on paper

Deer dance “Deer dance”

Woek in process on paper (inspired by music)

Tribal dance “Tribal dance”

Inktense sticks on paper

Moving forward “Moving forward”

Ink on bamboo paper. This piece has been used as part of performance project in Mexico

Delicacy in water “Delicacy in water”

Ink and watercolour on paper

Yin and Yang “Yin and Yang”

Ink and watercolours on paper

Resting cat “Resting cat”

Ink on paper

craft and design

Work made with paper such as origami and other 3D structure plus some graphic elaborated drawing

Structure 1 “Structure 1”

Architectural structure model in paper. A project idea part of my latest kirigami book

Geisha “Geisha”

Paper screen