Chiara Oliveri

Chiara Oliveri

Location: Italy

Born in Milan in 1975, She made economic studies and has worked in the entertainment field. She uses art to escape each time from stressed life, isolating herself from fake people or unliked situations. She needs Art to re-establish a new equlibrium and remember herself how many fantastic things (places, persons, situations, actions) exist. This is why She often paints her beloved landscape (Dolomites, Oltrepo's hills, Aosta Valley, Tuscany and landscapes of the countries She visited such as Greece, South Africa, Arizona, etc.) Sometimes She also paint some iconic simbols of her life: motorcycles, skii and whatever she loved to do.


Una libellula controvento

50x50 cm acrilico by Chiara Oliveri

Una libellula controvento “Una libellula controvento”

Pittura acrilica 50x50cm

Snowboarder in volo “Snowboarder in volo”

Olio su tela 45x35 by Chiara Oliveri

Chiaro di luna “Chiaro di luna”

Olio su cartoncino telato 40x50

Leopardi - Non guardarmi “Leopardi - Non guardarmi”

Tempera su cartoncino 50x40cm

Tramonto in Oltrepo' pavese “Tramonto in Oltrepo' pavese”

Tempera su cartoncino 18x24cm