Lucien Bechamps

Lucien Bechamps

Location: Germany

Born in 1968 in Celle, I came photography in highschool. At an exhibition of photographs of the school trip to France, my shots that I had made with an ancient viewfinder camera (Agfa Isolette), drew even less attention and praise than those of my classmates with their expensive SLR equipment. Not much later I bought a used camera and some bright prime lenses. (Got good money from working in a discotheque kitchen.)

The first 4 years I photographed only black and white to get the eye for forms and structures. On vacation I made an exception and dragged 20 color films, a 300mm telephoto and the 1:1.2 standard lens on a bicycle through France.

Talking about a desire to learn the profession of photographer my parents thex disagreed and, as a big pity, I also ignored other hints of fate to bring me to the right path. So I learned a mechanic and then worked in various factories.

It was not until 1996, I had to earn money with my hobby and began to photograph people for money. Since then there were also women who wanted to show some more. I started with the 2 lamps I had at that time to develop a style of light, which is erotic by what it doesn`t show


Erotic Nonnude Art

Here some of my gallery pics, varois girls in varios lights

Girl friends “Girl friends”

I like to have two perons in my studio. its more stress, but a lot more fun

 Kiss of an Angel “ Kiss of an Angel”

an Angel comes down...

 girls Fantasies “ girls Fantasies”

two girls having fun

Whip “Whip”

Long haired woman holding a leather whip behind her back

Delicate Red Rose “Delicate Red Rose”

Torso of a young girl holding a red rose