Ovchinnikov Vlad

Artist - co-creator, and therefore without faith and force can only be a likeness, enticing the viewer effects. Welcome http://ovchinnikov.ucoz.ru/


My art

Break-open art. Imagine this: You got the picture, as they say on the soul, look at her and comes to you warmest good feeling (the smell of warm bread, fresh wood, flowers, remembers your favorite tunes ...) and these feelings are so thin that the soul begins to heal, and then and body. (Power of the Holy Spirit)

Painting - Graphics “Painting - Graphics”

Since the beginning of his artistic career, Vlad, a Russian artist, Russ writes, in the broadest sense slova.Eto and the magnificent scenery around it, still-life philosophy, which depict the life of Russian subjects, and often aesthetic attributes are combined with ideological simvolami.V each work and the fact what is called a mood, and particularly the state of nature and the implications of the genre. Cityscapes Vlad also osobennye.Portrety live "animated." You stand in front of paintings of the artist and understand why the work of the "old" masters of the so-tsenyatsya.Vlad told the story of how during his studies he went to the Pushkin Museum in Moskve.Ostanovilsya about one picture a long time before it was a picture of grace stoyal.Ot force (energy) ........