Maggie Bernet

Maggie Bernet

Location: Canada

I was born and raised in the Swiss Alps, a small town called Klosters. I immigrated to Canada/Vancouver in 1980. I am a registered Office Nurse/Lab Technician by trade. I have worked in the medical field most of my adult life and loved every minute of it. I especially enjoyed working as an Insurance Nurse for the last several years.
I am a self taught Artist and proud of it.

My journey as an abstract artist began many years ago when I was looking for emotional healing. I had the need to reach inside myself and manipulate my unconscious feelings. Once I was able to achieve that, I created art which allowed me to dance with my psyche. I now have found peace and freedom within. I love strong, bold and vibrant colors, the fall/autumn colors speak to me the most. I am not afraid to make changes and to let the emotion come through. I am an expressionist not an illustrator. My paintings can be a confrontation and may make you look deep within. I hope my art pieces will bring the same joy to you as when I created them. Your job is to clear your conscious mind of thoughts and preconceptions in order to allow yourself to be influenced by what you see.


Maggie's Choice

Unique and original paintings by Maggie Bernet