Location: China

Artist Profile
Chen, Qiuchi

Art Faculty of Northeasten Normal University 1987


L’ULTIMO REALISA CINICO-solo exhibition Marsiglione Arts GalleryItaly Como 2017

Qiuchi CHENs solo art exhibition XUN ART GALLERY Beijing 2013
“Chen Qiuchi --- The Last Cynical Realist’ Artstatements Gallary Hongkong 2007
Solo Oil Painting Exhibition Changchun,China 1991

SCOPE Art Fair New York 2011
SCOPE Art Fair Sportplatz Landhof,Basel
“Fresh cream” London

“Any difference? China” Roman Gallery Seoul, Korea 2010
Newcastle/Gateshead art fair Newcastle

“BraveNew World,Contemporary Chinese Art” opus Art,Newcoastle UK 2009
“Songzhuang Artist Exhibition’---Songzhuang Art Festival V”Wansheng Gallery
“Seoul International Art Fair” Seoul, Korea
“Sino-Korea Artist Exchange Exhibition in Memory of Establishment of Relation between China and Korea ” Shangshang Art Gallery Beijing
“2009 Beijing Contemporary International Arts Exhibition”-789 Art Center Beijing

“The Time of Songzhuang” Exhibition II Beijing 2008
KIA “Korea International Art Fair” 2008 Seoul, Korea

“Works of Contemporary Artist Exhibition” Opus Gallary Longdon UK
“Transcendental 100%”——Pristine decades Songzhuang Art Exhibition Beijing
“Cologne International Art Fair” Korean PHILP KANG Gallery Cologne Germany
“Contemporary Chinese Artist Exhibition” Berlin, Germany
“Original Story’ of Songzhuang Art Festival IV” Beijing
“The 3rd Tour Exhibition of ‘the First Generation of Songzhuang’” Beijing
“Kounter Kulture” TrumanBrewery, London,UK

“Port of East Coast Contemporary Art Exhibition” Beijing 2007
“The Time of Songzhuang’ Exhibition I” Beijing

“Life—Visual Art Exhibition of Songzhuang Artist Community III” Beijing 2006
“Stress —— Contemporary Art Exhibition” Beijing
“Free Art Exhibition —— Songzhuang Art Festival II” Beijing
“Shut up—— Contemporary Art Exhibition” Beijing
“LP Exhibition” ArtStatements Gallary Shanghai

“Touching the Freedom of Your Body and Mind--Contemporary Art Exhibition” BJ 2005
“Life —— Visual Art Exhibition of SongZhuang II” Beijing
“Uselessness —— Contemporary” Beijing
“speak or act on hearsay evidance”——Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing
“The Course of Songzhuang- Contemporary Art Exhibition Songzhuagn Art and Culture Festival” Beijing

“Made in Village——Art Exhibition of Artist in SongZhuang” Beijing 2004
“Life——Visual Art Exhibition of SongZhuang” Beijing
“China ‘QuangCong’ Exhibition” SongZhuang Artist Community Beijing

“China Contemporary Art Exhibition” Beijing 2003
“six person joint Art Exhibition” Beijing China
“Heart of Chip——Contemporary Art Exhibition” Beijing

“‘Space time’ Art Exhibition” Beijing 2002
“Contemporary Art Exhibition” Beijing 2001
“China Still Life Oil Painting Exhibition” the National Art Gallary Beijing 1996
“China Scenery painting Exhibition” the National Art Gallary Beijing 1995
“Northeasten Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition” ShenYang 1993
Works have been collected by collectors both domestic and foreign.
WangCG;[ ]


Qiuchi Chen oil painting works

Dear Madam/Sir,
my name is Chen Qiu Chi, artists from China. Attatchment is some information for my work. Medium oil on canvas. If you are interested, please take a look at, look at them. I'm looking for agents or held solo exhibition opportunity. Please feel free to come back here if you need further information. Links to some pictures of my work.

Best regards,

我的个人网站 WangCG;[ ]

a rifle “a rifle”

Mankind's peaceful anti-war。

dove of peace 5 “dove of peace 5”


be against war “be against war”

For opponents of the war cry!

path “path”

The road where the future of mankind!

 warfare “ warfare”

战争给人类带来巨大的危害。 人类要觉醒,要和平!
The war brought great harm to mankind. Human awakening, peace!