Chris Fierro

Chris Fierro

Location: Chile

Chris is a chilean digital artist who has been creating for 4 years just for himself, but just in 2017 had his firsts participations in art exhibitions, after his work was discovered in Instagram. Formed as an architect, Chris has been turning to digital art as a constant exploration of the almost infinite possibilities that result from combining our own human creativity with the plastic and visual capabilities of the machine. He creates compelling visuals from fractal geometry using complex software. By the way, his firsts exhibitions have been the XI Florence Biennale of Contemporary Arts and the X edition of the Paris Artshopping at Carrousel du Louvre, both events in October 2017.


Florence Biennale 2017

Between october 6-15, the XI edition of the Florence Biennale of contemporary arts, which took place at the Fortezza da Basso, and gathered artists from all over the world.
Having been selected for this event by gallerist and member of the international selection committee of the Biennale, Mrs Mona Youssef, Chris creates 3 digital pieces, under 2 common concepts: subtlety and the ethereality of dreams.

Paris ArtShopping 2017

Digital pieces created by Chris Fierro for the X edition of Paris ArtShopping at Carrousel du Louvre 2017.
Both of them are printed in museum quality Canvas Canson paper, and wooden frame.

Subtle I “Subtle I”

Digital art printed in Canson Canvas, exhibited at Paris Artshopping october 2017

Sunset “Sunset”

Digital art, printed in Canson Canvas, 80x70cm.