Terry Verdoscia

Terry Verdoscia studied fine art for most of her life. Terry considers herself to be a student of life and therefore is always in the process of learning. Terry is inspired by her surroundings and is moved by passion to ​express that inspiration onto a canvas. Terry typically paints in oils, but enjoys an occasional acrylic workout. Terry has recently moved back to Chicago, her birthplace, after living in the northern and southern hemispheres of Asia, as well as France, Austria and Italy. Terry has studied and worked as an artist in each of these countries. Terry firmly believes that art is an international language.​ Terry is working on a new series where she is incorporating the human form into a floral piece. Her most recent work piece, "Poppy Diving", shows a diver positioned to take the plunge. She is now working on "Rose Climbing". This large work of art will depict the human form scaling a mountainous size rose. ​The series will also include Lilly Luging.


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