Earnest Jones

I’m 23 years old I have been an artist my whole life it’s a god given talent I am a Christian always trying to live my life right I am getting even better as an artist and I’m growing every day


Life Of A Artist

This is the inside scoop of my art and my life also my recreation of photography

Sex Slave “Sex Slave”

Don’t become a slave of sex or of a abusive relationship their are a lot of people fallen victims of this

Laughter “Laughter ”

A child that can smile always lights up a room or anywhere they are smile, laugh and joy

Sisters “Sisters”

Being sisters are important it’s being apart of a family and a group like the love of one another

Make A Wish “Make A Wish ”

If u ever thought about a night when you were younger and wanted to make a Wish either a shooting star or a lit candle

Music Is A Story “Music Is A Story”

Music is my life also my story my way to express how I feel another art form what is your story?