Leo Symon

Leo Symon

Location: Slovakia

(born on august 3rd, 1956 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic) living in Trnava (SVK), alternately in London (UK).
After technical studies I have worked as a teacher of informatics. I acquired my graphic editing skills in the year 1988. Until then I used classic painting techniques. Currently I´m working as a computer expert at The University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Slovak republic.
Nearly 40 years of my life I have dedicated to fine art and photography, and from 1988 I started using
computer as a medium of art creation, mainly due to the fact that my initial education is related with
Informatics. Over the last 25 years, digital technology and software has rapidly improved, so this type
of medium can be used not only for drawings, but also for creation of many painting styles, their further
application on various materials. For an example of my work, please see the web page Redbubble, featuring
my art work applied to various subjects. 


Recently I offer my artwork on the following web pages (see the attached links), further I have participated
at various art exhibitions (own and shared).
The main topics of my art are perpetual motion, various transformations of matter and time, further, more
I share my art vision and opinion through shapes and colours resulting in abstract paintings. Sometimes I use
photography, as a basis for the new image or picture, which is further manipulated by software to such an
extent that the image can no longer be identified. Simply stated: I repaint a new image ...



Digital Fine Art

All paintings are created digitally and realised on special medias (fine art papers, wood, alluminium, canvas, lenticular glass etc.) with newest technologies - UV light after printing, pigment colours on lenticular glass for 3D pictures and others.

Fragrances “Fragrances”

80x80cm, Museum Etching, 350gsm, Matt FineArt paper on alluminium

Faith And Hope “Faith And Hope”

50x70cm (WxH), Museum Etching, 350gsm, Matt FineArt paper

Everything Has Changed “Everything Has Changed”

50x70cm (WxH), Museum Etching, 350gsm, Matt FineArt paper