Maria Echeverri


Location: Honduras

Awarded 2 Premio Lorenzo Il Magnifico by Florence Biennale in Jewelry Art category. Honduran Jewellery artist and designer María Echeverri focuses her work on experimentation and combination of materials and gems. Accredited Jewellery Professional by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), her education includes courses about metalsmith techniques in New York, Jewellery designer degree from the University of Palermo, Contemporary Jewellery workshop KM 0, Mabel Pena, and Gemmology in CEJ in Buenos Aires, Argentina, goldsmiths courses, casting, chemistry and metal alloy in Medellin, Colombia, and a degree in Marketing and International Business. She started bench work in 2008 with a jewellery mentor in Brighton. UK

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MARKS OF LIFE Collection

Marks of life is inspired by the different paths and decisions we made in the course of our lives, and as they leave us different marks, scratches at every stage we are going through, but this does not mean that we lose our beauty and essence. Believe in yourself.

If you need the all collection and photoshoot, let me know and I will send you by wetransfer (because of the quality of the pictures) here I can't upload.


The main part of the Mark of Life Collection

Jewelry “Jewelry”

Inspiration & Chocker of Mark of Life

Handmade Jewelry “Handmade Jewelry”

Marks of Life is Handmade Jewelry from Maria Echeverri


How sometimes we loose our paths and feel hanged, Pectoral from Marcs of Life

Handcuff “Handcuff ”

Handcuff from Marks of Life Collection by Maria Echeverri

Earrings “Earrings ”

Piece from Marks of life Collection

Bracelet “Bracelet ”

Textured Bracelet Cuff from Marks of Life

Ring “Ring ”

Ring Cuff

Earrings “Earrings ”

Silver & Gold mixed earrings

Mask “Mask ”

Mask piece

Protections Rings

This Unique pieces most of them are inspired in the protection of ourself, be you and feel strong about yourself. Believe in you.

This pieces are going to an exhibition during fashion week in Milano with Artistar Jewels.

Marks Of Life “Marks Of Life ”

Feel the protection with your own marks and believe in yourself.

Wings Ring “Wings Ring”

Be yourself and feel unique & Free


We can fragile and stronger at the same time.

Strong “Strong”

Doesn't matter who you are , believe and have faith in you.

Unique Pieces

A few unique pieces handmade by Maria Echeverri

Blue Ring “Blue Ring”

Handmade, LapizLazuli and silver oxide ring

Melting Ring “Melting Ring ”

Rusty - sterling silver Ring

Half moon Earrings “Half moon Earrings”

Lapiz lazuli & Pearls


Awarded 2 Premio Lorenzo Il Magnifico by Florence Biennale 2017 in Jewellery Art Category

Florence Biennale Book “Florence Biennale Book ”

Article in the Florence Biennale Book

Premio “Premio ”

Moment of the award

Stand Florence Biennale “Stand Florence Biennale”

Maria Echeverri in her stand at Florence Biennale 2017

Diploma “Diploma”

Diploma of Florence Biennale