Location: Pakistan

Hi! I am Shaima Adnan. I am a watercolor artist from Lahore. Painting flowers has been my childhood passion that recently evolved as my signature style besides my second favourite collection of Rivers and Boats. I mainly derive my artistic strength from tender flowers because their intense beauty compliments my freedom to use colours on the canvas. My paintings are a syndicate product of nature, perception and imagination.
I am humbled to present my paintings at international platforms including Italy, Putagal, Urbino, Albania, Maxico and Greece as a Pakistani watercolor artist. In future I want to brush off the ugly misperceptions about Pakistan’s Northern areas and want the world to conceive of the most scenic and charming sights through the extensions of a Pakistani woman's artistic talents.


Watercolor Art

original watercolor paitings

Snow Huts “Snow Huts”

Snow Huts in winter.

Sky and boat “Sky and boat”

Beautiful Depp sky in Watercolor. Size 15/22 inches

Balcony “Balcony”

Balcony of Flowers. Pure Watercolor art size 15/22inches

Boat “Boat”

Lonely boat in the river. Pure watercolor art size 15/22 inches

Pink Roses “Pink Roses”

Take time to smell flowers.Original watercolor art. Size 15/11 inches

Dehli Gate Lahore “Dehli Gate Lahore”

22/15 inches Watercolor Art