Blair Maule

I’m a creative digital abstract artist and designer. I use photography as a base image for all my art and then using double exposure, filters and manipulation I create artwork.


Digital Abstract Artwork

3D Heat “3D Heat”

Photographic image of 2 chilies on a marble cutting board. Using double exposure, filters and manipulation, I have created this bold abstract artwork.

The Pudding “The Pudding”

A photographic image of nectarines in a bowl of cream. Using double exposure, filters and digital manipulation to create an abstract artwork.

Banana “Banana”

Using overlays, double exposure and filters, I created an abstract artwork. The original image is of 2 different bunches of bananas, photographed in different positions.

The Thrill of the ride “The Thrill of the ride”

Digital photograph of a rollercoaster ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beech. Using double exposure, filters, textures and manipulation, I created this abstract interpretation.

Cocktails at 12pm “Cocktails at 12pm”

2 Gin glasses on a table and a representation of fun and laughter at a get together.

Sitting side by side “Sitting side by side”

2 ladies sitting on a bench.