Johan Van Der Spuy

Johan van der Spuy

Location: Singapore

Born on the 23rd of June 1958. After matriculating at the John Orr Technical High school in Johannesburg, I immigrated to country Victoria in Australia. At university I studies Analytical instruments and work in the analytical instrumentation field for 37 years as an engineer and marketing manager.
I was always drawn to painting as a young boy, other influences forced me to put my creative mind on hold till 2014 when I took up painting at “My art space” in Singapore. Attend London Art College to receive my Landscape diploma, also I am a Certified Art Instructor by Brandon Thomas Art. What started as a hobby at first soon became a second career. I love to paint landscapes, flowers and lively street scenes. I let my painting lead me to the next idea, when I start with an idea that I got from a photo or plein air I visualize how I see the painting through my eyes and convey my feeling on to the canvas. I love to study the different color in nature, the greens, browns, and blues and how water changes it color over distance and the shadows play on my mind to show different contrasts.
I try to use every available minute to get behind my canvas and paint. I draw my inspiration from some of the greatest masters the world has known – Van Gogh, Hugo Naude, Adriaan Boshoff, Bob Ross, Stanislav Brusilov and various other artist.


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