Elmar Magerram

Elmar Magerram was born in the family of filmmaker Arif Magerram and cartoon artist Helen Golubeva, in Riga, Latvia. He grew up in an artistic enviroment and got his first artistic inspiration from parents.
In 2001 began studies at the Art Academy of Latvia (Restoration Departament), acquiring first experience of oil painting and academic drawing. In 2008 Elmar graduated the Art Academy with Master’s degree in Art History, workshop of Janis Bokmanis and Gunita Čakare. Since that period artist professional worked in art conservation and restoraton. He participated in various projects of restoration of important culture objects in Latvia, Germany, Italy.
Understanding of Old Masters’ techniques and a background in academic painting have provided a good base for his art, firmly grounded in the realism traditions. Elmar has worked with antiques auctions, restored old and modern art , and these experiences shaped his artistic vision.
From 2012 onwards he has turned to social themes, such as culture, religion, and tolerance. Through his art, Elmar strives to convey the diversity of people and cultures, to show things that people have in common, as human beings inhabiting one planet.


Portraits and landscapes

Daylight “Daylight”

51 x 41 cm, oil/linen

Devotion “Devotion”

63 x 71 cm, oil/linen

Eyes of the Desert “Eyes of the Desert”

51 x 91 cm, oil/linen

Silence “Silence”

75 x 48 cm, oil/linen

Creation “Creation”

56 x 96 cm, oil/linen

Caucasus “Caucasus”

oil/cardboard, 31 x 21 cm

Before the Storm “Before the Storm”

Oil/cardboard, 45 x 43,5 cm,

Evening “Evening”

oil/cardboard, 20 x 17 cm

Baltic sea “Baltic sea”

oil/cardboard, 30 x 28 cm

The Cloud “The Cloud”

oil/linen, 35 x 27 cm