My history

I am an artist and art historian of Swiss and Belgian origin.
I taught for several years Plastic Arts and Art History in an upper secondary school with lots of pleasure. The transmission of my passion truly brought me happiness, and the work with students inspired my main axes for the works of art that I create today. Since 2005, I created my first modular work and during several years I maintained both careers simultaneously. Today, I am devoted full time to the creation as well as the promotion of my artistic work.
My goal is that the spectator can comprehend the research and questioning which an artist asks himself during the process of research and creation. This will gave birth to my works << intervariactives >>.


In my paintings, I concentrate on going beyond the classical frontier between the work of art and the spectator. (I offer new personal horizons inviting the spectators to abolish the space between the work of art and himself). I invite the spectator to create from my work which is perfectly integrated to the tendency contemporizing to personalization.
Among the materials which I privilege, paper occupies a very important place because it is flexible and fits into a broad tradition. The choice of techniques is varied, although I have predilection for mixed procedures.
I hope that the pleasure of my works of art is personal, tactile, and flirts with the ephemeral; allowing the spectator to be confronted with a new appreciation for time and the elusive nature of which surround us.
Do we want to hide or close? Show or open? Le work which emerges from this meeting between my work and the spectator is therefore plural, fruit of the proposal of one and the action of the other. It becomes personal, variable, changing, permanently reversible, therefore multiple. The keys words that support my concept are interaction, change activity.
If I appreciate that my works are exposed in spaces classically dedicated to Art like galleries, Salons of Art, companies…I also look for atypical places where art fits into a whole that makes sense and goes to meet a public that sometimes feels intimidated by art and especially contemporary art.


-Installation Intervariactive , From Sept 22 to Oct 27, Etagère, Jurigoz 13, Lausanne.
- Art Next 2017, From 6th to 9th october, PMQ, Hong Kong

Next Exhibitions

-Pop up Intervariactif , From Dec 13-16, 2017, The Square Gallery, Diorama 2, Geneva.
-Solo Show , from March 22 to May 17, 2018, Rivoli Gallery, Arquebuse 14, Geneva


Deconstructed Landscape

This series of tondo talks about classical landscapes deconstructed in such a way as to become an abstract evocation of a contemporary city

Nitescence “Nitescence”

Mixedmedia, 80 cm
This painting is part of the deconstructed landscape series. Some parts are removable and can be moved to change the aspect of the work

Evanescent Aurore “Evanescent Aurore”

mixedmedia, 2017, 70 cm

The basis of this work is a landscape at sunrise. The deconstructed and modular aspect disturbs the viewer's gaze

Sparkling Twilight “Sparkling Twilight”

Mixedmedia, 2016, 90 cm

Artwork on the theme of twilight when forms disappear and become more abstract.