Luc Van Loock

Luc Van Loock

Location: Belgium

Luc Van Loock was born on april 13, 1960 in Heist op den Berg and grew up in Mechelen.
Since 2005 he lives and works in Schoonderbuken.
Attended art school in Bornem and graduated in 2014 of the Hagelandse Academy of Fine Arts Department Free Graphics.
His work originates from and is a commentary on the one hand experiences and impressions that bring him to reflect and
on the other hand a response to social and political frustrations


My Opinion

The work in this portfolio is my opinion on social and political issues, or better, I question the public .

Second marriage “Second marriage”

Does a second marriage have more chance of succeeding?

3 copies - Linocut on paper - 40 cm x 60 cm

An other fight “An other fight”

brains : drug or poison, constructive or destructive, peace-loving or warlike, positive or negative ... and who wins ?

1/8 - Linocut on paper - 40 cm x 30 cm

Bureaucracy “Bureaucracy”

Obstacles intentionally raised or not ?

5 copies - Linocut on paper - 40 cm x 30 cm

Justice “Justice”

World alien, haughty, ...?

5 copies - linocut on paper - 30 cm x 40 cm

Backfire or solidarity “Backfire or solidarity”

Attacks aim for terror and fear but create unprecedented solidarity ?

5 copies - Linocut on paper
40 cm x 30 cm

Hazard of dreams “Hazard of dreams”

Should you always chase your dreams and what are the risks?
A guy wanting to have the big boat but neglecting his family;
the fugitive trying to get a better life but drowning to get there or end up in bigger missery.

Fullglass “Fullglass”

.It is not about the content or that it is reversed but about the material glass it was made of. A ... alternative fact

It's Me “It's Me”

Fingerprint as Ultimate symbol of identity, damage included (=history)

Inferno “Inferno”

What can you do against an overpopulated world and who can survive?

Capitalism “Capitalism”

Or how capitalism imagines itself to be a crowned head, but it self-destructively empties and destroys the earth.

Do you hear ? It's Me “Do you hear ? It's Me”

Every ear is unique and contributes to your unique identity. Listening is a vertue.

Of Vital Importance “Of Vital Importance”

Are there no more important things to argue about then how you should put the toiletpaper rol while people suffer, are abused, are killed everywhere