Atelier Carola E. Thiele

Atelier Carola E. Thiele

Location: Germany
My work incorporates Painting, Graphic Design, Music Composition, Sound Design and Poetry.
In 2004 I have completed a 2-year study at Willes Mainhardt HAF Hamburg.
This study enriched my knowledge in Painting in terms of Technique and Visual Composition. 

A Correspondence Degree Course in Multimedia Design 2014 brought a new fresh perspective to my work.

This has paved my way through the new Media Art and sharpened my knowledge in the latest Art-Techniques.

My current Art is influenced by Surrealism and Symbolism.
Therefore every work is completed with an unrealistic dream world that has a different story to tell.

In painting I separate colors and elements from reality, whereas in Music I separate sounds and words.

2019 Art in Residence London, Winner
2019 Touring exhibition, London/Kyoto, Ewaac

2018 Ewaac London, Old Town Hall, Chelsea
2018 Fadpa Kyoto/London Award, 3rd Place
2018: Kyoto Be-Kyote / Art Gallery (EWAL)
2018: New York, Strickoff Gallery (Artbox)
2017: Old Town Hall, Chelsea, London
2017: La Galleria Pall Mall (Ewaac), London
2017: Herbstmesse Cottbus
2017: Wernigerode, privat

2016: HdG Motzen, privat
2016: Wernigerode, privat

2015: HdG Motzen, privat
2015: Wernigerode, privat

2014: HdG Motzen, privat
2014: Wernigerode, privat

2013: HdG Motzen, privat
2013: Wernigerode, privat
2013: Felliny Galerie, Berlin
2013: Berliner Liste, Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin

2012: Gewölbegalerie / Rostock
2012: Metropolishalle, Potsdam
2012: Berliner Liste, Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin

2011: Brandenburg, Kloster Zinna,
2011: 9. Open Air Galerie, Berlin
2011: Metropolishalle, Potsdam
2011: Berliner Liste, Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin

2010: Open Atelier Bestensee
2010: 8. Open Air Galerie Berlin
2010: Welt der Kunst, Urania Berlin
2010: Messe Potsdam, Metropolishalle
2010: HanseArt Bremen, Deutschlandv
2009: 7. Open Air Galerie Berlin
2009: 5. PalmArtAward Galerie, Leipzig, Deutschland

2008: Galerie Kunstboerse 106 / Königs Wusterhausen, Deutschland
2007: Galerie Kunstboerse 106 / Koenigs Wusterhausen, Deutschland


Ghost of the moment

Ghost of the moment “Ghost of the moment”

Limited edition/ 2 from 20

Digital/ Paintig /Collage Art

Other way  LE 1/20 “Other way LE 1/20”

Other Way is a digital work. It shows the captivity of a woman who is ready to break through the blocked path frontally. Without help and submission, only by herself.
The work was created using Photoshop and Camera.

Winterhart “Winterhart”

60x80cm,Oil on Canvas, Carola E. Thiele 2015

Forestman “Forestman”

When a foggy forest gets a human face, it looks like this to me. Future trees in the brain. Old roots in the face.
Oil on canvas/50x120cm/CETh 2018

Traum vom Wasser “Traum vom Wasser”

The essence of water is in man, on the planet and in the air. Why should not I paint the connection on the canvas?
Oil on canvas/80x160cm/ CETh 2018

Flaschenpost “Flaschenpost”

The recurring moment of a father when children break away from him to embark on the ocean of life.
Oil on canvas/50 x 70cm/ CETh 2018

Junge im Licht “Junge im Licht”

Only as a child you can still be amazed every day. Only as a child you can experience something new every day. Only as a child you can still believe in everything.
Oil on canvas /60x60cm/CETh 2017