Avadka Colez

Brian Avadka Colez artist who creates ultra bright digital and acrylic paintings. Avadka Colez on youtube.
www.colesbrightcolors.com and https://bavadkacolez.artspan.com/carousel.php


Recent Works

Paintings and digitals since 2014.

Think To Hope “Think To Hope”

Acrylic painting on mat board 16 x 16.6 inches 2016
Featured in Aesthetica Magazine and Aesthetica Magazine Directory of Artists 12/16

Skeleton in Fountain “Skeleton in Fountain”

Acrylic with minimal glitter on canvas. 28 x 22. 2017.

Intricate Shine “Intricate Shine”

Acrylic Painting on Canvas. 2016.

Chicken Permesan “Chicken Permesan”

Acrylic painting on mat board 22.7 x 17.9 inches.

Catacylsm “Catacylsm”

Acrylic painting over digital. 36 x 30 inches. 2017. Award Winning. 3rd place (tie) abstract expressionism. American Art Awards 2017.

Glitter Eruption “Glitter Eruption”

Acrylic and minimal glitter painting on canvas. 30 x 30 inches. 2017.

Harmony “Harmony”

Digital image. Prints can be available.