Jessica Leigh

I hope to portray emotions and intense feelings of truth in my art. My inspiration is my inner voice and being true to myself. It is now that I feel compelled to share the lightness of my heart and soul and remain in a higher frequency and vibration of love. I paint with oils, acrylics and use metals, plastics and wood in my art. I hope that my art inspires truth for anyone looking to stand in their own skin. With an empathetic heart, art is a way that one can feel to heal, manifest their desires, reflect their truth and seek awareness of their soul. Art inspires and affirms our oneness and deep connection to each other and validates our existence in the universe.



This triptych was inspired by the light that shines within. Each painting is 24x36x2.


This triptych is inspired by the effervescent radiance of the light that shines within.