Luisa Jacobacci

Luisa Jacobacci

Location: Italy

Luisa Jacobacci, (Turin, Italy 1951), contributed in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Venice, Milan, Barcelona, London, New York, Hong Kong, Luxor) winning a lot of awards in art contests.

When people see my artworks wonders if are paintings or sculptures: well, are both. The public loves my art because I take inspiration from everyday life and way of life to get to surreal situations, I feel my instinct and the empathy with the moment, that's why my art borders on caricature. I like to play with strong colors - also fluorescent -, shapes and material. Actually I’m working with rope and acrylic colors in order to weave the canvas of feelings of the human soul, so rooted but at the same time fluid and fickle.
Anyway I know very well I'm still changing because I really don' t know where I'll end up. It's also up to you!


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