Sabine Fliri

Sabine Fliri

Location: Austria

Curriculum vitae

Mag. Sabine FLIRI
date of birth: 29.1.1963 in Meran, Südtirol

Franz Baumann Weg 20/28
6020 Innsbruck
mobile: +43-660-5719915

Education and qualities

1982 school leaving examination at the high school „Beda Weber“ in Meran
1982 - 1989 university – studies of translation - Italian and Spanish – in Innsbruck, Austria
stay abroad in Italy and Spain during the studies
different painting courses in Meran and Innsbruck

1989 - 1991 practical training in graphics at an agency of publicity in Innsbruck
1990 - 1991 course of economics in Innsbruck
teaching and translating experience in Italian in Innsbruck
1992 graphics at the publicity department of Tyrolit/ Schwaz, Austria
ECDL- Computer course
since 2004 medical assistant and Italian teacher and translator

1982-1984 painting courses in Meran
2006-2008 courses of watercolour painting in Innsbruck
since 2010 member of the artist group „Gruppe 84“ in Innsbruck
May 2012 exhibition at the office of Dr. Huter Stephan, Innsbruck
April 2013 exhibition at RAIBA Fieberbrunn
October 2013 exhibition at the gallery "Kitz Art", St.Johann, presenting the catalogue "Art3"
November 2013 exhibition "Art for Burkina Faso", Innsbruck
October 2014 exhibition of the "Gruppe 84", Völs
May 2015 exhibition of the Lions-Club at the Hofburg, Innsbruck
September 2015 exhibition at the Sanatorium of Hochrum
October 2015 exhibition at the studio Happy Fitness Innsbruck
September 2016 exhibition „Kaleidoskop“ at the Hofburg Innsbruck
November 2016 exhibition at the Chamber of Labour, Innsbruck
November 2016 project „Kunstfieber“ in Fieberbrunn
November 2017 exhibition at the Sanatorium Hochrum
November 2017 exhibition of the Lions-Club at the Hofburg, Innsbruck
November 2017 project „Kunstfieber“ in Fieberbrunn
December 2017 exhibition at the gallery Nothburga
March 2018 exhibition at the gallery of Fieberbrunn


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