Snow Dollkinson

Snow was born and raised in Europe. Thanks to her passion for beauty and her skills in fashion, she had the opportunity to travel around the world. Very young, observing people and also animal behavior, she was fascinated by the unconditional greatness of the nature and by the emotional and magical mystery of life. She discovered how things that are sometimes attractive, can be unexpected, bitter but are always spiritual. She creates, using mix medias (acrylic, oil pastels, oil pigments) some paintings that are figurative and organics, some more abstracts, geometrical and conceptual. Both are telling our story, the simple but always unique and special life that we go trough every day, every time; about our dreams, our feelings, our choices but also our fears… Her main art education and inspiration came from Paris, the city that took her heart and became her home town, even for the short period of time she has spent there between her travels. Moving forward, Snow decided to discover the Big Apple. This is where she finally settle down to focus on her concept and to free her emotions.



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