Cintia Fotia

Cintia Fotia

Location: Argentina

Cintia Fotia was born in Argentina in August 1971.
In 1990, she entered the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Buenos Aires University.
She attended the artist workshop of Luis Debaisrosmoura, later to the Lucas Marin and currently to the workshop of the renowned artist Alberto Montoreano.

When I stand in front of an in white canvas I feel bewilderment and insecurity. It is like jumping into de void, but when the first strokes appears I feel that I am going to a safe and container place. It is in that moment, when I have the conviction that this trip to the interior of my work is going to take me to unimaginable places. Over there I feel that time does not exist, but is a stadium in which I hide myself. Probably, that is the way where other sensual and organics inspirations happen, where the thought is the reality and the physical the illusion.
After years looking inside my interior I began to understand where I’m going and what powerful forces will drag or sink me and which lights will guide or dazzle me.
My works are my place in the world. They are an intimacy state that I built for myself…in public.

Honorable Awards.
London Art Addiction Gallery
2014 Art Addiction. Diploma of Excellence. Honorable Award


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