Teri Vereb

I create paintings representing the human condition. My subjects primarily reflect the complex emotional nuances of women through the subtle expressions in their faces. Through each woman a unique story is told, but the common tale of vulnerability and insecurity binds them together as they strive to reveal a deeper strength.
Recently I have felt a calling to use my artistic expression as a platform for arousing awareness and transformation. My paintings are including more social statements. Visually, the work must remain aesthetically pleasing, positive, but poignantly powerful.
The concepts and details are channeled through a meditative/ healing practice, Integrative Quantum Medicine. I began integrating the healing work into my commissioned ‘Mandala Portraits’ in 2015. After becoming a graduate level practitioner in 2016, I began weaving the healing technique into my paintings for a global influence.Though the messages are coming from a higher source, it is my interpretation that becomes translated onto the canvas with an intention to resonate on a subconscious level. There is specific significance behind the intricacies represented, however, they will speak differently to the individual viewer who is invited to find their own relationship with the images.


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