Bernard Cameron

Art is not a luxury, it’ is a necessity.
Art is a gauge to help determine the humanity of a society.
The artist merely the sentinel.

As the art process is directly fused to the universal spirit that is the core of each being and stirred as if just another medium, we know the sum of our numbers to be one and we are all rendered somewhat more transparent because of it. _B. Cameron

INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES FOR ARTIST_NYU, NY, Post Graduate Program concerned with the similarities of all artistic disciplines.
MFA, BA _(Painting)_City College, CUNY
Art Students League NY, _Print Making (Etching and lithography)

ART DIRECTOR_Adirondack Direct, Long Island City, NY. _Magazine/Catalog (Print)
ART DIRECTOR_Systemax / Global Equipment Co., Port Washington, NY.
ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR (1990 - 1998)_Magazine/Catalog (Print)
ADJUNCT PROFESSOR_Kean College, Union, N.J.
Taught Introduction to Art (Various Media) and Three Dimensional Design to Education Majors.

Full page in International Artist mag. Aug/Sep 2016 issue.

List of exhibitions upon request.


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