Joerg Heitz

Joerg Heitz

Location: Germany

Jörg Heitz, born 1967 in Lörrach, Black Forest, Germany. Academic degree in Graphic Design in Lahr / Black Forest in 2002. Working as a Graphic Designer he is master Student of Prof. A. Stöckl (mentor and honorary member of the Abstract Art Academy founded in 1970 in London). Since 2015 he himself is a member of that very academy
-Teacher-Card International Professor ITIC/UNESCO Nr.T049000541953G German National Library catalogue publication under the name "ARTCOREONE". 2016 Who is - Who in Germany 22nd edition, member of the art gallery of Baden- Baden, Germany.

Various exhibitions all around Germany, Swiss and France.

As a Graphic Designer and artist I was inspired by Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock as well as various graffiti artist and realistic portrait artists of every thinkable direction. Besides the painting l'm also dedicated to music. By creating the present series of art I connected those two passions of mine, by beginning to paint predominantly musicians who impressed my musical background the most. The result was a new style of art named "ARTCORE" deducted from the music style called Hardcore; real and abstract portraits with screaming colour gradients on big surfaces painted and smoothed out.

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