Francesca Bianconi

Francesca Bianconi

Location: Italy

Born in 1979 with the art talent, particularly drawing. She leave her town San Benedetto del Tronto, in Marche for study and learn to carve marble, move to Rome in 1998, the year after in Tuscany and take the sculpture graduate in Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in 2003, city where now she live and work. Participate at italian and international simposia and important solo and group exhibitions in Italy. Her monumental sculptures are in public and private collections in Italy and Germany. Her artworks of medium and small size are in private collections in Italy, England, United States, Canada, China, Turkey, Egypt, Germany.


Marble sculptures

Vita - Life “Vita - Life”

Carrara marble statuary
cm 35x32x30

Gemelli - Twins “Gemelli - Twins”

egyptian yellow marble
cm 37x22x16

Corallo- Coral “Corallo- Coral”

Travertine of Acquasanta Terme
cm 37x30x9

Atalanta “Atalanta”

Carrara marble calacatta gold and belgian black marble
cm 40x25x20

Corsetto - Corset “Corsetto - Corset”

Carrara marble ordinary
cm 45x35x25

Aladino - Aladdin “Aladino - Aladdin”

Carrara marble calacatta gold and belgian black marble
cm 49x28x24

Figura sdraiata - Reclining figure “Figura sdraiata - Reclining figure”

Carrara marble statuary
cm 44x28x17

Desiderio - Desire “Desiderio - Desire”

Carrara marble white veined
cm 24x36x19

Donna - Woman “Donna - Woman”

Carrara marble white veined
cm 27x20x20

Fiore- Flower “Fiore- Flower”

Pink portugal marble
cm 76x40x16

Intreccio - Interlacement “Intreccio - Interlacement”

Carrara marble ordinary
cm 53x41x37

Linfa - Sap “Linfa - Sap”

Trani stone
cm 56c25x17

Labbra - Lips “Labbra - Lips”

Carrara marble statuary
cm 60x30x23

Nautilus “Nautilus”

Carrara marble statuary
cm 33x22x17

Nuvola grigia - Grey cloud “Nuvola grigia - Grey cloud”

Carrara marble bardiglio
cm 31x27x9

Nuvola - Cloud “Nuvola - Cloud”

Carrara marble statuary
cm 43x32x12