Blair Maule

Hi my name is Blair and I create abstract digital art using photography and infinite painter. My work subjects include everyday life and objects, and I try to express feelings through my work. I also design and make lamps, bowls and sculptures from wool and wood. I have a product design degree and studied art at Falmouth School of Art and Design. Most of my work is currently being shown on my Instagram page, and is available to buy through my etsy shop. Hopefully if your looking at my work, you will like what you see.


Yoga poses

This work is an exploration into yoga poses, body and form through digital sketch. I hopefully am representing the balance and posture in a way that complements yoga.

The balance of colour “The balance of colour”

A yoga pose to display balance and using colour to give an abstract portrait of the body.

Inner Strength “Inner Strength”

The curve and elegance of this yoga pose, captures real inner strength and a sense of wellbeing and a flexible body and mind.

Yoga pose “Yoga pose”

This was my first line drawing expressing the visual art of yoga and the balance and form of the body.

The art of balance “The art of balance”

Another yoga pose in my exploration into the body, form and inner strength that combines into this expressive art and fitness form.

The exploration of colour

Using a multitude of medium that includes digital photography, infinite painter and image manipulation software called Moldiv, I create work to symbolise and explore feels of inner self.

Entrapment “Entrapment”

A feeling of being trapped inside a world that is very unforgiving, or an overwhelming and a need to break free and follow your dreams.

Vision “Vision”

A view of life through the eyes of an artist, when searching for inspiration and exploring the colourful world of today.

The explosion of colour “The explosion of colour”

An image of a clock face that has exploded in time sending shards of colour out into the universe for all to see. The image was originally a digital photo I took of a clock face, and then imported into Moldiv and then digitally manipulated, before uploading into Infinite Painter and then exploring with different digital paint brushes and finger work.

Untitled colour exploration. “Untitled colour exploration.”

This digital painting was created using infinite painter, and is an experimental piece to explore colour, line, texture and techniques. As well as a way of expressing ones feelings through art.

Artist in a dream “Artist in a dream ”

This work is a Digital photo Self portrait and has been manipulated using digital software and effects. It's then been imported into infinite painter and using layers and digital painting techniques, I've created this portrait of an artist in a world of a colourful dream.

Digital photo manipulation

In this portfolio of work I have used original digital photography that I have taken, and then using software I have used layers and manipulation to create interesting images.

3D Heat “3D Heat”

The photo was taken of 2 chilies on a black marble cutting board. Then using digital software and layers to creat this image.

The Pudding “The Pudding”

This was a digital photo of a bowl of nectarine segments covered with cream, placed on a black marble cutting board. The image was then imported into image manipulation software and using multiple layers and background work (that I had designed) I created this visually stunning image. If you look closely to the right of the image in between the bowl and spoon you may see an abstract woman's face, which happened by accident!

3 bananas “3 bananas ”

This image was a digital photo of 3 bananas, and through the use of image manipulation software and different angled photos, I created and designed this abstract image.

Monster “Monster”

The original image for this piece of work was a digital photo of a nectarine stone. The image was then imported into software and manipulated. The final image was then imported into infinite painter, where I used digital paint painting techniques and digital ink to manipulate further the image into a monsters face.