Location: Italy

Marco Luzzi was born in Milan on October 15, 1972. His training was implemented in the world of theatre. He was an actor, director, author and, above all a lighting technician: a fundamental role in the sensitivity devoted to aesthetics and psychological investigation. Lights and shadows are used to highlight and hide a narrative parallel to the main plot, which via an impalpable matter, is able to penetrate within the souls of the characters and of the spectators. Too many reflections violently burst into the mind of the artist, so he cannot help himself from trying to crystallize them with real palpable material.

The painter LUZ was born In 2009: Illusionist of the daily, transformist of matter, a character without a mask only on stage.
The great challenge of the art of Luz is the attempt to communicate a current reality, by using a language and an immediate aesthetic. Simultaneously, his art is a spontaneous flow of productions – paintings, objects, matters – of which the author is simply an active witness



The BOP series plays semantically with the large artistic POP current. In fact, a channel for spirits, does not feel the awe of the great currents of the past. And so LUZ does not refrain of his artistic instinct from retracing the neoplasticism of Mondrian, the Dripping of Pollock and the deformation of physiognomy of Picasso. Not to mention the close ties with the theatre, its themes and its atmospheres.
Luz, going through theatre and its controversial techniques, became the visual artist he is right now

The well-rounded characters that inhabit the works of LUZ speak a cheeky and contemporary language, with allusions to the more aggressive and colorful Street Art. It is a strong sensory reminder that attracts distracted looks and immediately brings them to a phase of reflection: our society undergoes a homologation process.
We are therefore hopelessly alone in the midst of the teeming and dumb in the deafening noises: unable to express ourselves with something that goes beyond a conventional signal. This theme of loneliness permeates all the BOP paintings