Sabrina Rudolf

Sabrina Rudolf

Location: Austria

She is primarily self-taught and lives and works in St. Johann, Tyrol.

Rudolf sums up "the spontaneous physical liberation in space, the almost childlike, chaotic handling of color" as an antidote to "our organized, structured, text-laden working world".
The preferred painting material for her is acrylic, Al Inks and Resin

Once artists were trained in the workshop. They learned the technique with the masters until they perfectly imitated the brushstrokes.
So much so that even today the most famous art historians have found it almost impossible to determine if the work belongs to a particular master or disciple.
Today, the art of making art, certainly, has changed.
Today, the new artists understand the country's political, geographic and socio-economic problems.
They are artists who develop new languages ​​and very often have no real teachers.
Artists who go through a different design process before they get to fine art.
This is also the case of Sabrina Rudolf and her works.
Symphonies dedicated to instinct.
Instinct that does not scream but whispers its truths.
Material compositions with a strong visual impact.
Sabrina is an artist who expresses herself with her visual works.
Narratives that become the essence of their mind, which has its most important process of investigation in the creative composition.
Inks, acrylic paint, resins and pigments become symbols for the manifestation of an extraordinary creative thought.
These are paintings that often emerge from joie de vivre.



Resin Art
Acrylic tints
Pigment powder and luminescent powder