Yury KutYur (Yury Kutlugildin) belongs to a new generation of Artists whose creations reflect the present day life in its full diversity and dynamic. The artist was born in Yakutia, spent his childhood in the Ukraine and Bashkiria (Sibai). After that, once having visited Saint-Petersburg, he decided to stay there, and already for 7 years he's been living and creating his works in this city. Now graphic works and paintings of the artist are being exhibited in galleries of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Some of his works can be found in private collections in the USA, Australia, Germany, France, Finland and Luxemburg.KutYur works in the style of gothic modern, on the verge of the modern and the retrospective.


yuri kutyur oil canvas

yuri kutyur oil canvas

In-ian “In-ian”

In-ian 100x100 oil canvas 2009 y kutyur

Cocons “Cocons”

Cocons 50?90 oil. canvas. 2008y. yuri kutyur

Mood “Mood”

Mood. oil. canvas. 60x140 yuri kutyur 2011

Purpur “Purpur”

Purpur 100?100 oil. canvas. 2009y. yuri kutyur

«Bell»  “«Bell» ”

«Bell» oil. canvas 100?100 2004?. y. kutyur

«Desire» “«Desire»”

«Desire» oil. canvas. 100?100 2006?.