Petra Schott

Petra Schott

Location: Germany

Artist from Frankfurt/ Main, Germany, doing figurative and abstract paintings in oil and acrylics, mostly colorful with red as a favorite and participating in exhibitions regularly. I love scribbling into my paintings, thus a creating a second layer of language and thought confronting the intuitive use of colors and forms.



In 2017 I painted abstract and more figurative paintings. I choose a few important ones here.

Together “Together”

A painting on canvas, 110x140cm

Embrace “Embrace”

Acrylics on canvas, 140x150cm

Gathering “Gathering”

140x160cm, Acrylics on canvas

Transformation “Transformation”

110x140, acrylics on canvas

Spring “Spring”

90x90cm, oil on canvas

Light “Light”

100x90cm, oil on canvas

Happiness “Happiness”

70x100cm, oil on canvas

Magic afternoon “Magic afternoon”

140x150cm, acrylics on canvas

Flying “Flying”

100x140cm, acrylics on canvas