Muriel Hecquet

Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland.

Paintings : Acrilyc on canvas
Drawings : acrilyc and ink on paper

Exhibitions :
2017 : Artraction, Lausanne, Switzerland
2017 : CMLO, Lausanne, Switzerland
2017 : IMD, International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland
2017 : Kress, Geneva, Switzerland
2017 : Onishi Project Gallery, New York, USA

Contact :
Muriel Hecquet

My work tells about expressing the inner state, illustrate it with the choice of the colors, channelling
and transmitting these energies in an authentic act.
From the initial chaos emerges a fantasy world, animal, vegetable, multiple: the abstract becomes
sometimes figurative despite everything, except the willingness of not producing any artificial
result, but let the truth coming out, whatever are its shape and colors.
Freedom nourishes creativity. In this area of free interpretation, the viewer sometimes recognizes
something in the painting that speaks by symbols to his inner being.
The energy felt by the artist, expressed on the canvas and received by the observer flows, whirls
and twirls, in a cry or a whisper, a caress or a punch in the face.
When the painting chat with the imagination of the viewers, the artwork makes perfect sense.