María Laura Barrios Alvarado

María Laura Barrios Alvarado

Location: Venezuela

Hello, my name is María Laura Barrios, I am 33 years old, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. In the field of Photography, I have developed myself as a Scenic Photographer of diverse theater plays in Venezuela, principally in its Capital City, Caracas. Thanks to this, I have started authorial creations based on scenic performance with a wonderful group of Venezuelan artists who have supported me on this journey... some of these photographic works have been published by national newspapers and daily journals. So far, I have had the chance to participate in various collective exhibitions in Caracas – Venezuela and Cuenca – Spain. The most recent project named Per Capita Revenues (In Spanish: Índice Per Cápita), which is a contemporary version of the Seven Deadly Sins represented by Social Behavior under Political and Economical Crisis, has been part of a photographic exhibit shown in two different cultural spaces: TET Artistic Creation Center - Centro de Creación Artística TET - @centrotet, October 18th - November 7th/2017, and at Alberto de Paz y Mateos Theater - Teatro Alberto de Paz y Mateos - @teatroalbertodepaz, within its 50th anniversary from November 28th to December 17th/2017. My passion for that explosive mixture of photography and theater has leaded me to reach an incredible world of artistic expression.



As part of the Venezuelan citizens community, I feel strong necessity to use my photographic job as a means to express social trends in a country facing political problems of autoritarian and dictatorial government establishment and its consecuences on the lives of millions of people who have been forcely attached to a not desired regulatory system. Many of Venezuelans have demonstrated to be strong enough by adopting resilent posture on the whole fact… yet, as time passes and political decisions are taken, hunger, poverty, lack on food, medicines and a huge quantity of primary need products increase excessively… the foresaid resilence has turned out to be an exhaustive, less healthy task to hold.

This photo series is based on adjectives that describe feelings that are not commonly shown in daily basis… however, these sensations are present in a quiet but obvious manner in most individuals who constantly express concerns and complains on how their lives are constantly affected by political and social caos. So far, I have worked the following adjectives: trapped, dissastrous, edgy, drowned, obssesed, destroyed and most recently, forgotten… I will continue to work on it untill I reach the quantity of 20.

In order to ensamble this conceptualization, I have worked with different outstanding Venezuelan actors and actresses who have collaborated by doing an incredible job interpreting feelings of desperation and anxiety in their scenic performances. At the same time, we have agreed to use no special effects on the photographic treatment and shot making, just acting and some scenography arrangements.
This series is being currently shown at theater rooms as an itinerant exhibition in Caracas – Venezuela.

Photography and Artistic Direction: María Laura Barrios (FB) María Laura MLaura (Ins) @resenartemlaura.

Acting: Laura Gardié @lagardie (Destroyed) , Carlos Fabiàn Medina @fabianmedinae (Edgy), Raquel Zapata @raquelzapatam (Trapped), Pedro Borgo @pedroborgo (Disastrous), Nerea Ferández Dorronsoro @nereachu (Drowned), Elis Blanco @elisitabj (Obsessed), Sandra Moncada @sandraymg (Forgotten)…

©María Laura Barrios Alvarado

Edgy “Edgy”

This photo is part of a series of 15 photographic adjectives that reflect the limits of human emotions. Edgy, not only upset to the point of breaking nerves but also at a physical point of desperation. In the picture: Carlos Fabián Medina, Venezuelan Theater Actor and Director. This series has been made by the Venezuelan Scenic Photographer, María Laura Barrios and has been shown in various opportunities within an itinerant exhibition around important Theater Rooms in Caracas .Venezuela. The author has been inspired by colective feelings of anxiety due to social crisis highly increasing phenomena in the last 5 years. Took in October, 2017.