Kamal M.majd

Kamal M.Majd

Location: Iran

Kamal Mohammadi Majd is one of professional artist at middle east that he known as a bridge between art and technology. He simultaneously was a lover of art and science!
In the past 30 years, He is active seriously in the Fine arts, Architecture and Industry. He has been successful to produce more than 9 thousand works in various fields of fine arts, graphic design, design carpets, decorative architectural and industrial design.

His friends and customers, including public and private organizations, scientists, authors, publishers, sportsmen and businessmen from more than 50 countries! In his website(https://graphicshop.ir/art4you/), you are familiar with some of his work which contains more than 40 different tendency!


Kamal M.Majd ArtWorks

This portfolio show you a part of Kamal activities in Fine-Art fields.

Portrate of a beautiful girl “Portrate of a beautiful girl”

Oil on canvas. 60 x 44 cm

An old man portrate “An old man portrate”

Oil on canvas. 58 x 48 cm

Disguise winegrowers! “Disguise winegrowers!”

Oil on canvas. 58 x 48 cm

Queen Saba and Solomon's hoopoe “Queen Saba and Solomon's hoopoe”

Oil on canvas. 140 x 100 cm

Self Portrat “Self Portrat”

Watercolor. 20 x 34 cm

illustration for the importance of water “illustration for the importance of water”

Hand drawing and digital coloring