After graduating from North Texas State University with a B.F.A. in Studio Arts in 1974, I taught and was head of faculty for a year at a private art school in Dallas. The school closed and I moved to Austin, Texas. I became involved in creating promotional art for the music industry locally and then nationally. This led to being under contract to do promotional paintings for Lone Star Brewing Co from the late seventies through the eighties. During that time I also freelanced - my clients included Willie Nelson, Heileman Brewing Company, Budweiser Brewing Co., Warner Bros Records and First Publishing of Chicago. My work has appeared in publications as diverse as Texas Monthly and Rolling Stone, while my posters have travelled throughout the world.
For several years I taught art at Austin Community College while at the same time painting and showing work in primarily in Austin, Taos, Cincinnati and San Francisco. I continue to paint and am currently employed as a digital artist for the Walt Disney Company.
My art is in the permanent collections of Lone Star, Budweiser and Heileman Brewing Companies, North East Missouri State University, The Barker History Center at the University of Texas, Smithsonian Museum, Washington D.C., Hills, Field and Bartlett, Austin, Texas, Corpus Christi Art Museum, Corpus Christi, Texas, and Sky Ranch, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Smithsonian, Washington well as other locations.
Group Exhibitions:
Texas Visionary Exhibition, North Texas State University, 1981
Austin Citation Exhibition, Designer’s Space, Austin, Texas 1984
Texas Poster Art Exhibition, Barker History Center, University of Texas, Austin, Texas 1988
Art West Open, Jackson Hole, Wyoming 1988, toured through Wyoming and Montana for a year 1991
Critic’s Choice Exhibition, D-Art Visual Art Center, Dallas, Texas
Time Is Relative Exhibition, Beverly Gordon Gallery, Dallas, Texas 1991
DIFFA and the Dallas Art Dealers Assoc. Exhibit, Gerald Peters Gallery, Dallas, Texas 1991
1993 Critic’s Choice Exhibition, D-Art Visual Art Center, Dallas, Texas
The State of Texas Art: The Best and Brightest from Texas Non-profit Organizations, St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas 1995
Fresh Ink, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, Texas 1997
Serie 93-96, Galleria Otra Vez, Los Angeles, Ca. 1997
Serie 95-96, Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas 1997
Serie Print Project, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 1999
Something in the Water, Tarrytown Gallery, Austin Texas 1999
Winsor & Newton World Wide Millennium Painting Competition Exhibition,
St. James Palace, June 1999
The Mall Galleries, London, February 2000
World Trade Centre, Stockholm, March-April 2000
United Nations Headquarters, New York, July-August 2000
Gallery Artists, Davis Gallery, Austin, Texas 2011
Gallery Artists, CohenRese Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. 2001 through 2010
TheArtFoundation, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 2002
The Benini Foundation and Sculpture Ranch, Johnson City, Texas 2002 through 2012
Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio 2006 through 2009
Gallery Artists, CohenAbee Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. 2010 through 2012


Current Work

Waiting in the Evening “Waiting in the Evening”

Waiting in the Evening_Witching Hour Series_oil on panel_ 18x24 inches

LaSirena “LaSirena”

from the Siren series_ acrylic on linen_18x24 inches

Adrift “Adrift”

From the Dangerous Music Series 24"x30" Acrylic on Linen