Tim Zenke

Tim Zenke

Location: Germany

The artist Tim Zenke is born in Herford, Germany in 1971. He lives in M√ľnster. Three university magister of arts degrees in 2004. Tim Zenke is a real brand for painting new themes with great intentions. Especially his couraged ideas convince collectors from all over the world to put the eyes on him. He is to see in German television as well as in international movies in cinema. Tim Zenke produces well known art-designs for accessoire-labels und design-stores. By the way mentioned that thousands of people wearing his designs in Europe every day. Together with painting and his own lyric-poetry "pyrosoph" he starts in 2018 new projects with German TV-stars reading him. There is no place here for counting all exhibitions and art-fairs he belongs to. Have a look at the profile picture, maybe you know him from a movie?


refugee 1

An contemporary European theme of migration and refugees from Africa to Europe. Stormy rough or silence of dead, oil on canvas, from 60x40 to 60x80cm, showing dead by crossing the sea in small refugee boats. Garantee: That oil paintings are never been seen in exhibitions before. Especially for collectors of art history themes and real-, actually contemporary arts on this European migration times of refugees now. Each painting becomes someting special in your collection of contemporary European art.

refugee 1 “refugee 1”

The never ending treck of migration and dead crosses the bloody ocean. Oil on canvas, 60x50 cm, contemporary theme. For art fair or gallery exhibition or for your own collection of real contemporary European arts.

refugee 2 “refugee 2”

Contemporary oil painting on canvas, 80x60 cm, with that European theme of refugees from Africa. More grey waves than good vibrations on an dangerous crossing route from Africa to Lampedusa in Italy. That painting has never been in any exhibition. For your collection or for international art-fair.

refugee 3 “refugee 3”

Stormy crossing the Libyean sea to Europe. Is there anyone still alive? Oil on canvas. 60x80 cm. New. Never been in exhibition. For collection or for international really contemporary art-fair.

refugee 4 “refugee 4”

Here comes the dead. Refugee boat crossing the stormy sea. An real contemporary European theme, oil on canvas, 60x80 cm, never been in exhibition. Very interesting for an international collection.