Karolina Golawska

Karolina Golawska

Location: Poland

I’m fascinated by man and his ability to adapt to various situations he encounters on his life path.
I've experienced a great deal of pain and suffering in my life and for me painting has become the cure for all the ‘evil’ of this world.
I'm inspired by almost everything I come across on my way and what I see. The paintings reflect my thoughts.
I try to transfer visions from my mind to canvas, revealing my feelings to the world.
Although I was born into an artistic family, I have no art education –one day, a few years ago, I just grabbed a brush and started expressing my feelings with it.
I don't accept patterns in life, appreciate originality and individual approach to every aspect of the surrounding world.



acrylic painting on the board

Face to face “Face to face”

acrylic painting on the board

78 cm x 58 cm

Faces “Faces”

Acrylic paiting on the paper

100 cm x 70 cm

Woman with bottle “Woman with bottle”

Acrylic painting on the board

78 cm x 59 cm

Love “Love”

Acrylic painting on paper

70 cm x 100 cm

Indian “Indian”

Acrylic painting on the board

56 cm x 42 cm