Fabio Brambilla

Fabio Brambilla

Location: Italy


Born in Monza in 1960, I am a passionate craftsman who has always been "at Art", which I consider a spontaneous presence in each of us since we were children.

Self-taught at 99% I prefer informal abstract painting with variable colors, but it is in the material that I consider more reflective and tangible with the presence of structure and volume, which I find my broadest expression.

The search for possible natural external traces, make my work become a cross between collage and sculpture, that is a "pictosculpture", but above all a free artistic expression ..




Lavori di base materica , informali astratti che parlano dei miei orizzonti

Horizons 16 “Horizons 16”

Su base materica questo informale astratto rappresenta uno dei miei orizzonti

Hoirizons 10 “Hoirizons 10”

Su base materica questo astratto informale rappresenta un mio orizzonte .80x100x4

Vertical Gold “Vertical Gold”

Su base materica questo lavoro astratto. 60x120x2

Red “Red”

Lavoro cromatico di base materica astratto. 70x80x2

Mare d'inverno “Mare d'inverno”

Lavoro informale su cartone riciclato. 150x100

E' sera.. “E' sera..”

Lavoro materico formato small

Horizons color “Horizons color”

Informale con acrilici.

Traces Brown “Traces Brown”

Lavoro materico con smalti e struttura. 70x50