Simone Parri

Simone Parri

Location: Italy

I do not started my life as an artist ! but, since I was young, I worked in a theater sets laboratory.
So, I learned many techniques about the scenic fiction, about the use of alternative materials and also about the painting techniques used to make “true” and “real” plastic walls, cardboard windows etc. etc.
Since I worked on many theater projects and also realized many scenery for historical pageants, and for wargames dioramas.
From a few years I have felt the need to create something personal, searching for alternative materials and for a new language to use.
This has been the way in which the “Shapes” are born.

All my works are built with Polystyrene insulated on wood. My artistic language consists of the “Shapes”.
The "Shapes" as a tool to break up and regroup the matter.
The "Shapes" as interruption of the space, without fear, without a subject, without meaning; only "Shapes" between an empty space and the other empty space.
I was inspired by nature. I thought of a forest, such a lovely place, but the forest is really made up of a mess of branches, leaves, shrubs, green grass, yellow grass, stones, flowers, all differents, nothings is tidy in a forest, but such a lovely place !!
The only goal of each works is to satisfy the eye with an order and a symmetry that do not exist but seem to satisfy some kind of visual sense, or some human need to order or disorder.
Each "Shape" is created and positioned right at that exact point in space, their task is to strike the observer's senses in order to leave something else, which was not there before.


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