Annie Sylling

I am a happy person with an upbeat personality. I always try to look on the bright side of life.

Art has been a part of my life since childhood. I have been drawing since the day I could hold a pencil. It was my refuge during troubled times and probably the reason I am still sane. It has become my passion! I have a tendency to become absorbed in my work, pouring myself into each piece.

Wildlife and human characters are my focal points (but anything in nature may be of interest). I am drawn to them by their expression and personality. I try to connect with a subject through their eyes. I believe the eyes are the window to the soul and it is my desire to reflect the soul in my artwork. I am very attentive to detail, wanting to capture the deep, unchanging features of a character. The world is so full of diverse characters in different walks of life, and I long to capture them all on paper. It is my desire to create bold and expressive pieces that demand a viewer’s attention.

I am currently living in sunny North Carolina with my very supportive husband who puts up with all of my weird idiosyncrasies.

I have exhibited work in Seattle Washington, Kings Mountain North Carolina and NYC.



Crystal “Crystal”

22”x30” watercolor and pastel

Melancholy “Melancholy”

22”x 28” pastel

Purple “Purple”

18”x 25” pastel

Daughter “Daughter”

22”x 28” pastel

Silent Cries “Silent Cries”

22” x 28” pastel

Ceremonial Dress “Ceremonial Dress”

22”x 28” pastel & charcoal

Bubble Fairy “Bubble Fairy”

22”x 30” watercolor and pastel

Sassy Lass “Sassy Lass”

22”x 28” pastel


Black Rhino “Black Rhino”

16”x 20” acrylic

Poaching Tiger “Poaching Tiger”

22”x 30” acrylic and pastel

Zebras “Zebras”

20”x 30” pastel

Poachers “Poachers”

22”x 30” acrylic and charcoal

Sleeping Tiger “Sleeping Tiger”

24”x 36” pastel

Catnapping “Catnapping”

“16x 20” pencil

Watercolor tiger “Watercolor tiger”

22”x 30” watercolor

Red eyed tree frog “Red eyed tree frog”

16”x 20” acrylic