Horst Baerenzcao

Horst BaerenzCao

Location: Germany

I am a German artist. Born in Frankfurt Main.
Educated in the Graphic industry. Later private lesson for painting with Walter Kroe (Absolvent of Staedel Academy for painting).
With four painter's colleagues cofounder of the artist's group Patio in Frankfurt / Main, later as Gallery and Publishing Company Patio in Frankfurt/Main. The arrangement more numerously of artistic actions and happening, editions of artist's books with original graphic arts as well as first edition of seldom American authors into German. The institution existed till 1996. In this time I had many Exhibitions
of my drawings and etchings and kinetic objects.
I was near five years as draftsman a team member with egyptology professor Jan Assman for the German archaeological institute in Cairo with excavations in the Assasif, near the Mentuhotep's temple on the Westbank of Luxor, Egypt.
Afterwards free painter and illustrator.
I prefer for my work oil colors, but also acrylic and watercolors.


Artwork of BaerenzCao

A choice of my artwork in different technical style

Bulb “Bulb”

60x60 cm oil/canvas
Warm shining bulb

In Livias garden “In Livias garden”

Portrait of two sisters with a background, show part of old roman painting
in the house of Livia, wive of first roman Emporer Oktavian on the Palatin in Rom.

Pug in Spiderland “Pug in Spiderland”

100x100 cm oil/canvas
Pug with pearl collier in tropical landscape

The seven ravens “The seven ravens”

100x 140 cm oil/canvas
Ravens in snow, a colloquium.

Escape of yesterday's future “Escape of yesterday's future”

150x110 cm oil/canvas
A selfportrait in the studio. The painting show one from Hoppers "Nighthawks"
escaping spaceship in the style of the Science Fiction comic of my early childhood.

Venus and Cupido “Venus and Cupido”

100x80 cm oil/canvas
From the last rays of the sun touched Venus and Cupid on her evening walk proceed

The General “The General”

60x50 cm oil/canvas

Peony No 1 “Peony No 1”

130x150 cm oil/canvas
Portrait of a Peony flower

Big Locust is putting in “Big Locust is putting in”

110x150 cm oil/canvas

Arado “Arado”

Acrylic on/canvas
Illustration for an German modelling kit, historic German airplane Adado/BMW

Venus and Cupido “Venus and Cupido”

100x80 cm oil/canvas, In the last rays of the evening sun Venus and Cupid go for a walk

New edition “New edition”

Digital graphic arts, 2009, Illustration for a youthbook about the history of Frankfurt/Main
Early printshop print new edition for sell on Frankfurt Book Fair anno 1476