Roberto Maralag 3


Location: Canada

Socio-Realist Artist

Born in Tondo, Manila, Philippines, the artist expresses his inner self through paintings. His exposure to life in Tondo, involvement with Aetas Tribe Community Services in Canauan, Morong, Bataan and several years working with the Indo-Chinese refugees have inspired him to become a Socio-Realist Artist.

In 1982, he worked as an Artist Illustrator for the International Catholic Migration Commission under the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees. He also worked as a free lance Illustrator for the Norwegian Literacy Book and designed / illustrated an inspirational book entitled “The Living Breakthrough”. From 1983 to 1989, he participated in various group shows in the Philippines as a member of the International Media Services.

In 1989, he migrated to Toronto, Canada, where his worked was later featured in “Art in Magical Philippines” sponsored by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1992. In 1997, his work was displayed in the “Mabuhay Philippines” at the Canadian National Exhibition. On September of that same year, the artist was selected to participate on a juried show entitled “Reflections”, an exhibition to celebrate Canada’s Year of Asia Pacific. He also had numerous group exhibitions with the Philippine Artist Group in Toronto in different major cities across Ontario from 1995 to 1997.

In 2005, he moved to Victoria, BC. Being more closer to nature motivated him to pick up the paint brush again. In 2008, he was accepted to become a member of the Collective Works Gallery where he had his solo exhibition.

His works are now in private collections in Canada, United States of America, Australia, Norway, Sweden and the Philippines.

Juried Exhibitions:

July  23, 2011–           “2011 Sooke Fine Arts Show”
August  1, 2011          SEAPARC Leisure Center, Sooke, BC  Canada

July  23, 2010 –          “2010 Sooke Fine Arts Show”
August  2, 2010          SEAPARC Leisure Center, Sooke, BC  Canada

October  16 -18,          “2010 Sidney Fine Arts Show”
 2010                          Mary Winspear Centre, North Saanich, BC  Canada

July  25, 2009 –          “2009 Sooke Fine Arts Show”
August  3, 2009          SEAPARC Leisure Center, Sooke, BC  Canada

September 1997         “Reflections” An exhibition to celebrate Canada’s Year
                                     of Asia Pacific, Cedar Ridge Studio Gallery
                                     Toronto, ON Canada

Solo Exhibitions:

July 22 - August 11    “Fuck” The War on Oil and Terror
2011                           Collective Works Gallery, Victoria, BC Canada

September  -               “Watercolour Collection”
October  2010             Fernwood Inn, 1302 Gladstone Ave.  Victoria, BC Canada
 August 13 - 26           “Clearing Path” Artist Personal War against Landmines
2010                            Collective Works Gallery, Victoria, BC Canada

January 30, 2009        “Sari-Likha”  Watercolour in Nature  and Prelude to
February 13, 2009       Socio - Realism, Collective Works, Gallery  Victoria, BC Canada

Group Exhibitions:

May 14 – 26, 2012       “Seeing Through Your Eyes 2 Art Show”
                                      Sponsored by Connecting Cultures
                                      Cedar Hill Recreational Centre, Victoria, BC

October 11 -                “Clearing Path 2.3” Artist Against Landmines
Novemeber 1, 2011       with Jan Johnson, Performance Art by Diane Kellly, Sonny Thet
                                       Cathy Ferm Lewis, Michelle La Flamme
                                       Cedar Hill Recreational Centre, Victoria, BC

May 27 – June 30        “Peddling Art” A celebration of Bicycles and Cycling
2011                              Collective Works Gallery, Victoria, BC  Canada

November 21 -            “Bowled Over” Fundraising Silent Auction
December 5, 2009        Collective Works Gallery, Victoria, BC  Canada

February 13-17           “All Members show”
2009                             Collective Works Gallery, Victoria, BC  Canada

June 19, 2009 -           “Wonderful life in Fernwood” Group Show
July 3, 2009                 Collective Works Gallery, Victoria, BC  Canada

August 1997               “Mabuhay Philippines” The Philippine Artist Group  
                                     Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, ON  Canada                
June 1996                   “RIZAL” The Philippine Artist Group
                                     Neilson Park Creative Centre, Etobicoke, ON  Canada

December 1995          “Markham Winterlude” The Philippine Artist Group
                                     Town of Markham City Hall, Markham, ON Canada

July 1995                    “LIKHA” The Philippine Artist Group
                                     Neilson Park Creative Centre Etobicoke, ON  Canada

February 1992            “Art in Magical Philippines” Sponsored by the Hudson’s                                         
                                     Bay Company, Toronto, ON  Canada

1983 to 1989                International Media Services Artist Group
                                     Philippine Refugee Processing Centre
                                     Morong, Bataan, Philippines

Community Involvement:

September 2011 -         Guest Speaker                           
                                      University of Victoria, Fine Art Departement

October 2009 -            “Gordon Head Recreation Centre Public Art                           
March 2010                  Competition” Jury, Saanich Municipality, BC Canada
August  2009              “15th  Annual Arts and Music at Glendale”     
                                     Glendale Gardens and  Woodlands

July 22 2009 -             “Saanich Call for Artist 2009”
Aug 25 2009                 Sannich Municipal Hall

July  2009                   “Gorge on Art”       
                                     Saanich Summer Sunfest  Outdoor  Exhibition