Rose-marie Winkler

Rose-Marie Winkler

Location: Austria

Rose-Marie Winkler was born in 1956. The parents owned a small hotel in St. Veit on the Salzburg sun terrace.
Rose-Marie spent many hours of her childhood in the dining room, mostly equipped with a sketchbook, drawing and painting was her great passion. It turned out well that many painters and artists belonged to Sonnhof's guest circle and liked to teach the little girl a little lesson.
Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Ernst von Dombrowsky were their artistic foster fathers.
She would have liked to take into account her creativity when choosing a career, but her father would rather see her in the hospitality. So she completed the hotel school and then a language school in France. Soon, however, she met her husband, Ernst Winkler, at that time one of the best ski racers of his time, when his ski career, ended by a heavy fall in Val d 'Isere, far too early, they took over the parental hotel.
From then on, all her dedication was to the kitchen, and here, too, her creativity benefited her: the plates became her canvas!
She soon made a hood and 2 stars. She was one of the very best cooks in Austria.
Despite the many work as a hotelier and cook Rose-Marie always found time to paint: all the pictures in the hotel, the murals in the spa and the menus carried their handwriting.

In autumn 2012, the Sonnhof was handed over to the fourth generation: Vitus Rose-Marie Winkler is now back to painting.
Now Rose-Marie creates with her way of painting very special and idiosyncratic works that combine nature and art.


Rose-Marie Winkler

Only from the fairytale books of our childhood we know animals that seem like human beings. My pictures are therefore a little fairytale .... often full of humor. It is nice not always to be fully grown and to preserve a piece of child.
To represent animals as well as humans should also remind us that we are all creatures of God.
I give new life to the hunting trophies, old jewelery, discarded buttons, old fabrics.
So to speak, forgotten things become art!
Each motif is carefully selected, lovingly painted and designed and is a unique piece.

Tischgesellschaft - At the  Table “Tischgesellschaft - At the Table”

Acryl on Canvas , 60 cm x 160 cm, Collage with real Things Gams antler, Deer antler, Cutlery, jewelery, Buttons ect.

Churchill “Churchill”

Acryl painting on canvas 60 x 100 cm with real Things like tie and buttons

Labrador “Labrador”

Acryl on canvas 60 cm x 80 cm Collage with real Things like fur collar and buttons

Silvesterlady “Silvesterlady”

Acryl on canvas 60 cm x 80 cm Collage with real Thing Jewelry and bag

Zeitgeist “Zeitgeist”

Acryl on canvas 1,30 m x 1 m with Collage: Real antler and, newspaper, Pocket, Watch, Glasses, Jewelry, Cell Phone

Kaiser - Imperiator “Kaiser - Imperiator ”

Acryl on Canvas 60 cm x 80 cm Collage with real antler, medal, button and more

Patchworkfamily “Patchworkfamily”

Acryl on canvas, 100 cm x 80 cm, Collage with real Cow horns, apron, cloth, jewelry, Buttons