Kinga Łapot-dzierwa

Kinga Łapot-Dzierwa

Location: Poland

Kinga is a Polish artist, an art pedagogue, and an educator. She is a professor at the Pedagogical University in Krakow (Faculty of Arts).
The words of Marcus Aurelius serve as the motto of her art: “A person's life is dyed with the colour of his imagination”. She emphasizes that the artist's first and fundamental duty is to observe. To observe, to see, and to feel. For her, art is an open space, it is a testimony of time. It is a unique record of the artist's struggle against the subject and form.
For her, each painting is a fully original platform of communication between the artist
and the audience – whether the audience consists of viewers/recipients/participants, is an art institution, an art critic, a private or public collection, or one of the publishing houses and publications; also in discussions and studies. Every painting imposes on her an artistic, aesthetic, and social responsibility towards herself and all those whom she invites to her world of art.
She participated in many artistic presentations around the world: in Italy, Spain, USA, Ukraine, Germany, Romania, Thailand, Sweden, Slovakia, Poland.
Kinga is a laureate of many prestigious artistic awards.


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