Andra Rojas Leal

Andra Rojas Leal


I am MarĂ­a Alejandra, better known as Andra. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and have lived in Belgium for more than 20 years. A nurse by profession, but an artist through and through, I prefer to lose track of time behind the easel with music in my ears. This passion arose in my early years and I carried it to this day. Born into a family of artists, mainly painters and musicians, art has always been present in my life.
With an increasing demand from people who wanted to buy a unique and special work, was born in May 2021. Together with my husband Edward, we form a strong team.
Inspired by the power and energy of nature (mainly animals) and photography and acrylic and painting knives as the main instruments, each work is the result of a passion, with a story and a search for feelings between colors and textures.

With various training courses, local and international exhibitions and workshops behind us, continues to grow every year.


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