Ryan D Mack

California Artist Ryan Donald Mack grew up along the banks of the Tule River in central California - where his imagination would behold the wonders of nature. As an adult - he would take on the urban vibe of the city - and now we see the results of this clash between the natural and material world - between God and everything else. ' I don't know how much more I will apply to canvas - but I think it is a nice ending to
looking for harmony- and the truth that unites us all.'
From abstract to portrait - the artist pushes the limits of technique and personal boundry to create lasting images.
Ultimately leaving the viewer to decide the value - the strength and the weaknesses of each work - it is an honest approach that line shape and color can attend to. 'I felt' being the first thing one exclaims when describing Mack's work.



I don't mind the constant invite to join all these art competitions - problem is - I don't have the budget. Thank you for free contests. Thumbs Up